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"Constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement" is the definition of CrossFit. What does this mean? This means that we build strength and conditioning through various movements and applications. We know that functional exercise has the biggest carry over into the real world. The classes and workouts are never the same and can be scaled to any fitness level. Your body never knows what's next. Are you a beginner? Let our expert coaches show you the way to a new you.   


If you want to sweat, shed some weight, and boost your metabolism this is the class for you. Our high-intensity, low impact, functional bootcamp class is a challenge that will keep you guessing. These classes don't include barbell work and focus primarily on bodyweight, kettlebell, and dumbbell movements. No experience required. Try a class today.


These classes are reserved for Olympic Weightlifting (Snatch/Clean & Jerk) only and are offered every Tuesday/Thursday at 7PM and Saturday at 11AM. Focusing on skills and drills to improve your lifts, these will not interfere with your training week and are a great addition to any workout program.  


This 1-on-1 experience and a program is specifically tailored to you and your specific goals. This includes all elements of physical assessment, life coaching, goal setting, nutritional planning and an individualized program.  Availability is limited. Contact us to schedule a consultation.


Recovery is key to your consistent progress. We believe a balanced fitness program is crucial for longevity and overall health. Give back to yourself with some restoration and relaxation through poses and positions that will improve your wellness and flexibility. These classes are included in all memberships.