We are here to get you out of pain so that you can perform at the highest level. At PSP, we take a whole-body approach to addressing pain, movement dysfunction, and performance. Our goal is to keep you participating, performing, and competing in (insert your activity here). During your initial visit you’ll undergo an extensive evaluation to determine the root cause of dysfunction. Finding the cause of your pain is key. There are no Band-Aids, only solutions. You’ll be given corrective exercises individualized to your particular needs. You’ll be given manual therapy to improve tissue extensibility, decreased pain, improve range of motion, and increase neurological output. Follow-up visits will be performed until you meet your goals and exceed expectations.

Due to our affiliation with Major League Baseball (MLB), Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), Women’s Tennis Association (WTA), Mobility WOD, Functional Movement Systems (FMS), and The Titleist Performance Institute, we have access to the most current evidenced based practices to get you out of pain, back to sport fast, and keep you moving.

Your plan will be a customized approach collaborating with your coaches to provide an integrated treatment plan to get you back to performing at your highest level. Services are provided onsite at Deep Blue to solidify your return to the highest level of function and performance.

Not injured but want some advice? At PSP, we offer preventative treatments and education to keep you performing at your best. We also have educational support through our exercise video library to strengthen weakened areas, improve flexibility and mobility while decreasing the risk for future injury. Our platform also offers communication 24/7 with your Physical Therapist so all your questions answered remotely. 

As a member of Deep Blue you’re entitled to Physical Therapy treatments included in your membership. For pricing and more information you can contact Performance Sport Physio staff at (727) 498-7926 or talk to a coach on site.

Not a member of Deep Blue? You can still access the same services mentioned above. Call for an appointment (727) 498-7926 or schedule here:


  • Licensed Doctors of Physical Therapy

  • Mobile app that connects you with your Physical Therapist

  • One-on-one attention 

  • Manual techniques found at the elite level of sport and performance

  • State of the art fitness facility


  • Injury evaluation and treatment

  • Injury prevention consultation

  • Full body screening consultation

  • Sport specific evaluation and consultation

  • Recovery sessions

  • Therapeutic exercise and mobility training

  • Manual therapy techniques that include muscle energy and joint mobilization. 

  • Instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation

  • Active release, Fascia, trigger point, and neuromuscular techniques. 

  • Active isolated stretching

  • Selective Functional movement assessment, Y balance, and functional movement screen

  • Postural restoration techniques

  • Biomechanical analysis and corrections 


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Dr. Mauricio Elizondo is originally from Ciudad Obregón, México. He graduated from Oregon State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Athletic Training in 2008, from the University of Idaho with a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science in 2010, and from the University of St. Augustine in 2016 with a Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy. Dr. Elizondo has spent the past ten years working as a full time Athletic Trainer and Physical Therapist in professional baseball, working with the Boston Red Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Toronto Blue Jays. In addition, Dr. Elizondo also works as a physiotherapist with the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), covering the men’s professional tennis tour. He has worked in a variety of leadership positions, including Latin America Medical Coordinator and Minor League Medical and Rehabilitation Coordinator, overseeing all organizational medical operations.Dr. Elizondo specializes in manual therapy as well as functional movement and has completed a variety of continuing education courses that include dry needling, kinesiotaping, dynamic neuromuscular activation, and active release techniques. Dr. Elizondo is also bilingual in English and Spanish. Dr. Elizondo resides in St. Petersburg, FL along his wife Lindsey. Hobbies include running, soccer, and activities at the beach. 


Dr. Leighton Peavler received his Doctor of Physical Therapy with high honors from the University of St. Augustine in early 2013. He specializes in orthopedic manual physical therapy with a strong background in athletics. He has expertise in managing musculoskeletal pain, persistent (chronic) pain, and a variety of complex orthopedic and neuromuscular conditions. He believes in the use of hands-on therapy to complement an active approach that emphasizes preventative wellness with health promotion, strengthening, and conditioning. He is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association, Florida Physical Therapy Association, and The Academy of Prevention and Health Promotion Therapies. He and his wife Anna live in St Petersburg. Dr. Peavler's wife is a Primary Health Care Provider for the Women's Tennis Association (WTA). They enjoy paddle boarding, fishing, travel, tennis, and golf.